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                                Donate to Sindhudurg Wetland Conservancy

By supporting this initiavtive you are making an impact on the water, wildlife and land of Sindhudurg's wetlands. Your donation goes directly to protecting and preserving the wetlands you love today for tomorrow !

Help us to confront the challenges ! 

#ACCOUNT NAME : SYAMANTAK PROJECTS; *Bank : Bank of Maharashtra; Branch: Kudal ; A.C. Num:60081587664 ;Ac type: saving;IFSC code: MAH0000070

Donations to SYAMANTAK are tax exempted under the u.s.80-G of the Income Tax Act.

Syamantak: Society Registration No.:  Mumbai -2825,17th December 2006; Trust Registration No.: F-33098 (Mumbai), 13th July 2007; Permanent I. T. No.: AAH-TS-1292-D; Tax exemption under 80G.: DIT(E)/MC/80G/1280/2009-10;  Auditors.: M/S Wandrekar & Sons.


Wetlands clean and recharge our water supply, provide critical fish and wildlife habitat, and protect our communities from floods.They are some of the most biologically rich and productive lands in Sindhudurg. Thanks for your kind financial support !

  • Mrs. Gauri Goyal,
  • Mr. Girish Rajadhykasha,
  • Prof. Dr.S.R.Yadav,
  • Dr. Harishchandra Natu,