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   Dr. Marselin Almedia Fellowship For Research & Conservation of Sindhudurg Flora 


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  • Term: One year
  • Eligibility: Should be passionate, experiene and knowledgable about botany and intrested in feild research of flora. Prefrebly BSc or MSc (if the candidate is deserving qualification background will not be the priority) 
  • Fellowship working hours : 168 hrs of survey and practical study. (2 Sunday each per month) 
  • Fellowship amount : Annual Rs. 15,000
  • Fellowship guide : Dr. Balkrishna Gawde
  • Fellowship 2019-20 total seats: Only One (1) 
  • Fellowship Interview pannel: Members of Sindhudurg Wetland Brief Documentation Commitee - 1) Dr. Balkrishha Gawde 2) Dr. Yogesh Koli 3) Prof Saroj Dabholkar 4) Prof Ajit Kanshide 5) Mr. Sandeep Rane.