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PAT Lake (Wetland code : Not listed) near Parule village in Kudal tehsil of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra is a shallow wetland surrounded by villages, an agricultural and grassland landscape, a swampy area and small patch of forest apart from its proximity to a busy roadway. All these characteristics have resulted in microhabitats that have fascilated in accomodating different species of birds. The bleow mentioned study revealed occurance of total 39 species of birds belonging to 18 families dominated by the family Anatidae and Ardeidae followed by the family Rallide and Alcedinidae.


Sonavde (Wetland code 6077)  is located in Sonavde village in Sahyadri mountain ranges of Wetern Ghat. The study area is in the vicinity of the Dajipur Wildlife Santuary. Total number of 136 species from 16 orders and 41 families were recorded. According to The IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species List' 130 species of birds observed during the study are found to be listed in Least Concern category, while Chloropsis cochinchinensis, Buceros bicornis, Psittacula eupatria are listed in Near Threaten category (NT), Indian Vulture (Gyps indicus) Critically Endangered (CR) species was also observed in hilly part of the area under below mentioned study.


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